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2020 has been far from the year we anticipated or wished for. As we approach the fourth quarter, let DOOR support you give your sales a boost, so you can close the year in a high note and set your organization for success in 2021!

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Speaker:     Christian Koch

                    Master Facilitator

                    DOOR International

Location:    Live Online

Time:          4:00 PM - 5:00 PM (CEST)


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Date: 01.10.2020

Selling over the phone is here to stay

Let’s face it, you’re probably not a huge fan of cold calling. And that’s understandable: there’s the fear of rejection & not being able to use physical cues to judge how the conversation is going.If you’re one of the many salespeople who prefer meeting prospects face-to-face, then this year will have dealt a huge blow to your number of signed deals - and maybe even your confidence.

Even as we start having some physical meetings again, learning how to close deals over the phone will give you a competitive advantage. Here are just some of the benefits of telesales:

  • More time-effective: You can have X successful phone calls in the time it takes you to travel to and meet a single prospect in person
  • More cost-effective: Save the travel costs, generate results from any location.

Close more deals with these techniques

The good news: selling over the phone is a skill you can learn. We’d even go as far to say the you can learn to enjoy it. All you need are the right techniques. During this free webinar, you will learn to:

  • Keep your prospects curious & engaged over the phone
  • Discover how to prepare for a day of Telesales
  • Uncover ways to generate value on every call
  • Learn how to fill your sales funnel with new prospects

Learn the skills to be effective in Telesales from the initial contact to the closing of a deal

Join us on October 1st, at 4 PM CEST for an outstanding 60-minute Live Online webinar!

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