Regroup & Restart™

To be a leader has not been as challenging as today! By including your team in your strategy creation and leveraging on the learnings of the past weeks, you will be setting the ground for sustainable market leadership.

Why do you need Regroup & Restart™?

Constant rapid changes are disrupting the landscape of what we have known so far; different fears and anxieties amongst  teams; limiting beliefs that might be in the way of adapting to the new “normal”; these are only a few topics that you might be currently facing.

Regroup & Restart™ will help you reboot your workplace for the post lockdown era.

We will support you manage a post lockdown comeback when revenues might have shrunk significantly.

What will you achieve with Regroup & Restart™?

We help you succeed in these challenging times by applying the N.E.W.S. Compass™ methodology in a specifically created program called Regroup & Restart™.

Regroup & Restart™ goes beyond only making your company operate again; it is focusing on how to WIN MARKET in this new scenario and with completely different variables!


When applying this methodology, you will be able to:

  • Lead your team through these uncertain times, lowering their fears and anxieties
  • Strengthen and encourage your team to face the new market challenges
  • Together with your team, reassess the market and identify the “Must Win Battles” that will lead you upfront competition ensuring competitive advantage!
  • Plan strategically for the “new norm”
  • Leverage on the changes either on market, competition, or service/product level, or maybe…
  • Make changes you should have done before, but never found the opportunity to do so
  • Be ready to move in full swing into the NEXT PHASE

How does it work?

  • Step 1: Preparation Watching Videos prior the engagement Team Navigation Assessment Two meetings with the team leader
  • Step 2: Online webinars -  structured webinars of 3 hours each. The team creates together their next phase following the crisis time, or F2F : one day intervention
  • Step 3: Implementation Activities - before, in between and after the webinars

How is it offered?

The Regroup & Restart™ program can be delivered either virtually or face to face (F2F).  When it is delivered virtually, the 3 steps shown above are done in 3 webinars, 3 hours each. When it is delivered face to face, the 3 steps are done in a one-day intervention. It is a process that equals to a 2 - 3 months consulting approach.