Storewars Business Simulation

Storewars is a total business management course for consumer-facing businesses. The format of business game allows participants to run their own virtual companies, take big decisions, negotiate and immediately monitor the effectiveness of their performance.

What is Storewars?

  • Interactive business game. Over 3 days, participants work in teams, manage multibillion businesses, compete and cooperate to get a competitive advantage on the virtual market.
  • Total business management. Storewars program covers all main aspects of a modern consumer-facing business and helps participants to obtain a holistic understanding of company's operation.
  • Business simulation software. The program is designed on the platform of comprehensive industry simulator which accurately predicts the market response to each decision made by participants.

Why business simulations?

  • Learning by doing

It is a fact that people remember 80% of what they have experienced and only 20% of what they have heard or seen. Experiential activities boost people's creativity and help them see things from a different perspective.


  • Experiment, risk-free

Simulation places executives into the virtual business world – a context where they step out of their normal day-to-day roles, gain a broad experience and experiment without losing a dollar in a real life.


  • See results immediately

Business simulation shows an immediate response in the market. With a business year being compressed into a day or two, so you can practice different strategies in a short period of time to discover what works best.

  • Holistic understanding of company's operation
  • Full overview of the consumer-facing business
  • Monitoring of immediate results of business decisions on the market
  • Financial literacy and ability to use data for profitable decisions and negotiations
  • A chance to get experience of another side of "trade table"
  • The vision "outside the operational role"
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