Storewars WEB ®

With our global software upgrade, we are launching Storewars WEB ® – an online version of Storewars business simulation.

New & user-friendly design

We made the program interface the most convenient for you bringing all you need for a successful learning:
Web-based software: no memory devices or downloads, all you need is internet connection

  • Suitable for Windows and iOS
  • Accessible from any device: laptop, tablet or phone
  • New easy-to-use and navigable interface


Online decision input & remote access

Our new web-based software allows you to access the learning from wherever you are - Storewars teams can now operate from 5 different locations in 1 game.


Flexible agenda to fit your schedule

Participants won't be disconnected from busy day-to-day life: Storewars online course offers flexible agenda with timings being easily to adjust.

The course can be accomplished in 3 days or split into several modules over a week or a month.


Constant remote support from Storewars team

We will make sure you get the most of your learning!

Storewars team will be available for technical support and advice during all period of the program. We will assign a personal manager for you to have the constant support and guidance.

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