Employee Training Excellence

Providing an array of proven ‘Personal Skills’, we are achieving Employee Training Excellence through the training programs we offer to our clients.
Employee training is the solution that presents our clients with a portfolio of proven ‘Personal Skills’ development programs. DOOR facilitators and coaches draw from a wide range of international experience and combine their necessary expertise with the most notable trends from the global market.
Time Matters
This DOOR program includes tools for the new century manager to be more strategic and tactical and flexing between the two. It allows managers to create their results sieve having a better control and clarity over their important goals and activities.
01 Concept of time
02 Goals and energy areas
03 Results sieve
04 Personal success blueprint
Thank You For Your Feedback
This DOOR program equips leaders with mindsets, skills and tools for exchanging effective feedback and creating a culture which welcomes the power of it.
01 Types and sources
02 Guidelines
03 Feedback leverage
04 Constructive feedback
Presentation Reengineering
This DOOR program focuses on the creator: the presenter, the creation: the presentation and the context: the audience. Make winning presentations with confidence, conviction, control and charisma.
01 Dynamic presentation
02 Storyboarding
03 Being spontaneous
04 Professional credibility
Navigating Conflicts
This DOOR program offers participants with future-ready tools to understand their own mindset towards conflict, skills to manage conflict and a working framework for resolving conflicting situations.
01 What is conflict
02 Importance of conflicts
03 Different conflicts
04 Communicate effectively
Influencing Skills
This DOOR program raises learners’ awareness and equips them with skills to become an effective influencer.
01 Concept of influencing
02 Your role
03 Effective influencing
04 Foster confidence
High Performing Teams
This DOOR program raises learners’ awareness about what it takes to be the manager of a team driven by high performance. It equips them with mindsets, skills and tools for shaping their teams while identifying individual strengths.
01 Methods of assessing
02 Roles I need to play
03 Tools & tips
04 Be a reflector
Excelling Your Personal Quality
This DOOR program raises learners’ awareness and equips them with mindsets, skills and tools for enhancing personal quality.
01 Personal quality
02 Tips and tricks
03 Right Mindset
04 Skills & Tools
Enhancing Your Happiness Quotient
This DOOR program based on the Berkeley Method enables individuals to optimize well-being and happiness.
01 My own happiness
02 Training the brain
03 Emotional regulation
04 Well-being plan
Delight Your Customer
This DOOR program is beyond just a workshop, it is about making a difference, it is about support and teamwork and most importantly it is about being of service to others.
01 Service culture
02 Shareholders' expectations
03 Managing complaints
04 My role