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Leadership Trainings & Management Excellence

At DOOR we believe that the key to a successful leadership program is ensuring that it is holistic, digitally savvy, aligned to your business, and has a lasting impact on the behavior of your leaders.

Leadership & Management challenges

The world is changing at an unprecedented pace. Every day, leaders and managers are making countless decisions and facing challenges they’ve never encountered before. What worked yesterday may not work today anymore. How can leaders stay ahead of the curve and differentiate themselves and their teams when so much is changing so quickly?

As industry leader, DOOR understands the challenges of creating leadership and management development programs that are comprehensive, digitally savvyaligned to your business, and have a lasting impact on leader behavior and therefore your business results.


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Leadership & Management Courses

Real Talk ®
Unlock the power of REAL conversations with the DOOR training program. Build respect, enhance relationships, and achieve desired results through effective dialogue. Say goodbye to “fake talk” and embrace the transformative impact of real talk. Discover more today!
01 Defuse defensive and emotional reaction
02 Solve problems by encouraging and exploring differing perspectives
03 Express your ideas and views
Time Matters
This DOOR program includes tools for the new century manager to be more strategic and tactical and flexing between the two. It allows managers to create their results sieve having a better control and clarity over their important goals and activities.
01 Concept of time
02 Goals and energy areas
03 Results sieve
04 Personal success blueprint
Thank You For Your Feedback
Thank You For Your Feedback DOOR program equips leaders with mindsets, skills and tools for exchanging effective feedback and creating a culture which welcomes the power of it.
01 Types and sources
02 Guidelines
03 Feedback leverage
04 Constructive feedback
Surfing the Waves of Change
Surfing the Waves of Change DOOR program facilitates leaders to create their own change management toolkit, reflect on their capabilities for change and make themselves changeready
01 Roadmap for change
02 True vs pseudo-change
03 Change mechanism
04 The right course
Rise to Your Leadership Potential
Rise to Your Leadership Potential DOOR program shall help leaners in identifying their leadership instincts, charting their own path and becoming a leader of substance.
01 Introduction to leadership
02 Leadership in organizations
03 Importance of feedback
04 Mindful leadership
Building Effective Teams
This DOOR program raises learners’ awareness and equips them with mindsets, skills and tools to become the architect of their team and co-facilitate the creation of the right elements.
01 Tools and techniques
02 Critical thinking
03 Team’s performance culture
04 Be a reflector
It is a development approach for leadership potential using the roots of positive psychology. This course offered by DOOR helps professionals to learn and imbibe mindsets, skills and an acute awareness that eventually develops them as a true leader.
01 Become aware of your strengths
02 Play the role of a talent scouter
03 Understand your team needs
04 Create a blueprint for your vision
MIDAS stands for Maximize ‘I’ through Discovery & Application of Strengths. This DOOR course helps professionals to learn and imbibe mindsets, skills and an acute awareness to develop self as a true strengths’ champions.
01 Understand Strengths Philosophy
02 Discover & Realize Strengths
03 Apply Strengths
04 Maximize on Strengths
Mentoring for Mentors and Mentees
Mentoring helps in bringing dramatic improvements in efficiency, productivity and passing of institutional knowledge and leadership skills from one generation to the next. Mentoring for Mentors and Mentees course offered by DOOR helps professionals prepare self for mentorship.
01 Understand concept of mentoring
02 Challenges in mentoring
03 Mentoring skill sets