Code of Conduct

DOOR International B.V. Code of Conduct

DOOR International B.V. (in the following “DI”) has various stakeholders, including individuals and organizations. Our company image depends on how employees conduct themselves in the business world. When faced with a difficult situation, employees must use personal integrity and discretion as they ask themselves these questions:

  1. Is my action or decision legal?
  2. Does it comply with company values and policies?
  3. Is it free of personal conflicts of interest?
  4. Could my action or decision withstand public scrutiny?
  5. Would my action or decision align with the DI’s reputation as a company with high ethical standards?

If the answer to each question is “yes”, the action or decision is most likely based on the following principles of conduct.

Standard of Working Together

Individual Responsibility and Involvement
The skills and the commitment of our people are our greatest asset. Our culture expects and encourages employees to conduct business with an entrepreneurial attitude by accepting individual responsibility. We collaborate with colleagues to achieve our common goals with reliability and commitment.

Mutual Respect and Openness
All relations among directors, managers and employees of all levels and regions are guided by mutual respect, openness, honesty and the spirit of trust and cooperation. We offer and seek feedback, and we communicate actively and openly. We are committed to a fair and open debate by seeking varying opinions. We encourage colleagues to express their ideas and concerns. We support an open-mind, open-DOOR policy and initiatives to share and exchange knowledge.

Diversity and Discrimination

Employee diversity is a guiding principle of our employment policy. We promote the diversity and heterogeneity of individuals to attain the highest possible productivity, creativity and efficiency. Skills, performance and ethical conduct are our only indicators for employee qualification. We do not discriminate or tolerate discrimination regarding gender, race, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, national origin or any other characteristic protected by law.
Each employee is required to contribute to an environment of respect that precludes any kind of harassment, including bullying, inappropriate sexual advances or physical contact, propositions or a hostile environment of demeaning jokes, words or comments.

Company Property

Each employee is responsible for safeguarding and making proper use of DI property. The use of company property, including labor, supplies, equipment, buildings or other assets for personal benefit is prohibited unless explicitly allowed by agreement. In addition, intellectual property is a valuable asset that must be protected from unauthorized use or disclosure. Such property includes trade secrets, confidential information, copyrights, trademarks and logos. It also includes customer lists, business opportunities and product specifications owned by DI or its business partners.

Legal Proceedings

Employees must avoid activities that could involve DI or its personnel in any unlawful practice, including for illegal gain. Legal proceedings must be handled quickly and properly to protect and defend the company. Employees who are threatened by legal proceedings are required to contact their manager immediately.  

Health Management
Our employees deserve to work in a safe and healthy environment. We strive to foster the physical and psychological “well being” of our employees with fewer illnesses and a nonexistent accident rate. We promote health care as a key element of sustained productivity and the quality of our services. Drug use in the workplace is prohibited. Violence, including threatening and intimidating behavior, is also prohibited.

Ethical Commitment

Quality Focus
Our commitment to quality is a core business value. To achieve the highest quality standards, we work constantly to make improvements for our customers’ benefit. This applies to our products, services and management as well as our behavior.

Customer Satisfaction
We place the highest priority on making our customers successful because their success guarantees our own success.
We prioritize the customer focus in all business processes, projects and procedures. We know that we will be evaluated by our ethical, social and environmental performance as much as by the quality of our service. To secure customer trust, we strive for best practices in all these areas.

Laws and Ethical Standards
Guided by our Corporate Values, we strive for sustainable business development founded on these three pillars: economic performance, social responsibility and environmental stewardship.
We honor the diverse interests of our customers, employees and business partners with integrity, fairness and honesty. DI complies with laws applicable to its business in all regions and countries.
We strive for excellence in both our performance and our ethical behavior. We recognize that laws may vary regarding ethical standards within and across the countries in which we work. These differences may pose challenges and dilemmas, which we strive to overcome by adhering to our Corporate Values. DI is guided by the principles of the United Nations’ Global Compact.
We follow the principles of the 1998 International Labor Organization’s “Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work” in accordance with national law and practice and the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, especially as they apply to:

Transparency and honesty are the guiding principles in all our internal and external communication activities. The public has access to information about our company as required or recommended by internationally recognized standards.

Accounting and Reporting Standards
DI relies on authentic and accurate information documented in its accounting records for proper decision making. All business transactions must be reflected accurately in our accounts according to established procedures and auditing standards. Accounting records will reflect and describe the nature of the underlying transactions. In addition, protecting records dealing with security and personnel, as well as accounting and financial data, is of the utmost importance.  

Money Laundering
DI complies strictly with laws and regulations designed to combat money laundering activities.

Business Integrity

Business Partner Dialogue
We are committed to communication with our business partners in many communities worldwide. We share principles of ethical behavior, social engagement and respect for the environment with suppliers, subcontractors, agents and consultants and motivate them to uphold the same standards we do.

Fair Competition
We are committed to free enterprise and fair competition. Company business is conducted solely on the basis of merit and open competition. We make business decisions in the best interests of the company, independent of any understanding or agreement with a competitor. As a result, the company and its employees avoid conduct that violates antitrust laws.

Conflicts of Interest
We require all directors, managers and employees to maintain high ethical standards in handling conflicts of interest. Any relationship with persons or firms with whom we do business (‘Business Partners’) which might result in a conflict of interest should be disclosed to a supervisor. Such relations especially include a relationship by blood or marriage, partnership, participation or an investment in Business Partners.

Gifts and Benefits
Employees should not solicit or accept services, gifts, or benefits from customers or suppliers that influence or appear to influence the employee’s conduct. Gifts and entertainment may be exchanged at a level that does not exceed customary local courtesies according to ethical business practices and applicable law. Employees with questions should consult with their supervisor.

Bribery and Corruption
We believe that the key to our business success is the excellence of our services. Therefore we work with all customers and suppliers in a straightforward manner in compliance with international anti-bribery standards as stated in the Global Compact and local anti-corruption and bribery laws. This includes any transaction that might appear to be arranged for granting concessions or benefits.

Business Secrecy, Data Protection/Privacy
Our employees do not disclose information for personal gain or the benefit of anyone other than the company. Such information includes technical, financial or operating data, customer information and other information regarding the company’s business and operational activities and plans.
Employees comply with relevant laws and company regulations with respect to personal data.

Social Responsibility

We are committed to supporting the communities in which we work.

We have and will continue to support community development by partnering with non-government organizations and charities. We recognize that our actions are evaluated outside the workplace; therefore, we call on our employees to respect the local culture and understand the issues of communities in which they work. Respect for and understanding of different cultures and dealing with their key issues sensitively are of the highest importance as they build trust and credibility.

We acknowledge the impact of our business activities on the environment and are committed to taking precautionary measures and using environment-friendly technology. We regularly assess and monitor our impact on the environment. By systematically identifying and making use of ecological initiatives, we support constant improvement of our environmental performance and greater efficiency. We evaluate our processes and services against the highest quality standards. National and international environmental standards are our guiding principles.

Related Policies and Regulations, Local Codes

The Code of Conduct sets the principles for all policies and regulations of DI. Business units, regional entities and companies of DI may adopt their own local codes, incorporating the substance of the DI Code of Conduct but modified to reflect requirements of local regulations or social customs of their business operations.
Such local codes may include additional, specific standards. However, in no event will any term contradict or be more lenient than this DI Code of Conduct. All local codes are required to be reviewed and approved by DI.