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Doing to Done®

Are your teams struggling with feeling overwhelmed and chaotic? Are you looking to take back control so you can all gain greater clarity and focus? The Doing to Done® methodology is a revolutionary approach to productivity, designed to make you enjoy the benefits of increased self-confidence and decreased stress.

Doing to Done® is for
organisations looking to...

Empower their leaders and teams to make clearer, more informed decisions.

Elevate performance by promoting high efficiency in even the most flexible work environments.

Encourage a culture where individuals confidently manage their work, increasing employee satisfaction and productivity.

Doing to Done® is all about simplified,
easy-to-implement techniques

that will help your team tame complexity, find clarity, and foster a culture of top-tier performance.

Learn, practice, and apply easy-to-implement techniques that help decrease overwhelm.

Experience welcomed feelings of calm, relief, and peace, having gained an invigorating optimism for a better future filled with unlimited possibilities.

Practice strategies that eliminate digital distractions, organize mind clutter, and combat wasteful uses of time.

Turn chaos into clarity with ease by using productivity templates and by applying the Doing to Done 20/80 method.

Learn to score quick wins that lead to big-time impacts in all areas of your life.

Gather and apply all the skills you gained through your hands-on experience to create a humble, yet assured sense of confidence.

The Real Value of Doing to Done®

“Learning Doing to Done has allowed me to focus on – and get done – projects that I wouldn’t have been able to before. Just two of those projects will bring the company more than $320,000 this year!”

– Tyler Williams


“The Doing to Done methods have helped me manage a global business with significant results, while also parenting, taking care of elderly parents, coaching high school and recreational sports. These proven methods are exceptional.”

– Jeff Boliba


Ready to transform
the way your teams work?

Doing to Done® is more than a methodology; it’s the foundation for a culture of excellence, adaptability, and increased performance.

Get in touch today and let’s make things happen!

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Yes, it can be delivered in all languages.

All approaches are available: In-person, virtual, or hybrid.

The Doing to Done® workshop consists of 7 modules, each lasting 90 minutes.

The first 6 modules are taught in 2 days.

After that, there is a 1-3 week time gap during which your employees will apply everything they’ve learned.

Once that period is over, you will all return for the final session.

  • Increased productivity and self-confidence, and decreased stress.
  • Seven engaging 90-minute sessions.
  • Free copies of the Doing to Done®: Productivity Made Simple book.
  • Access to the Doing to Done® Global Community.
  • The entire Doing to Done® toolkit, including maps, videos, examples, and exercises.

Talk to a DOOR Expert

30-minute Intro Meeting

30 minutes

Web conferencing details provided upon confirmation

UK, Ireland, Lisbon Time

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