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DOOR International Global Partner Conference 2023

Unveiling our new Flagship Solution  DOOR Leadership Architecture™.


Dear DOOR partners, teams, and friends, mark your calendars and start packing your bags — the 2023 DOOR International Partner Conference is set to happen soon in Athens, Greece!

Here, everyone will witness our future plans and new product updates, acknowledge awards ceremonies, and most importantly, network with fellow DOOR International partners from all around the world!


We are thrilled to host this year’s DOOR International Partner Conference in the vibrant city of Athens, known for its rich history and warm hospitality. We believe there is no better setting to bring our valued partners like you together, to celebrate our joint accomplishments and discuss future possibilities. This beautiful city will undoubtedly stun you with its landmarks and archeological sites like the world-renowned Acropolis, and the Parthenon.

What to expect?

There is no better place to unveil our new Flagship solution – the DOOR Leadership Architecture™ than in Greece: logic and order are at the heart of Greek architecture.

As the architecture is equal to planning, developing, and achieving, this conference is the stage to setting plans together, developing the business, and celebrating our achievements. Thus, we are delighted to invite you to our Global Partner Conference! 

What is Leadership Architecture™?

The DOOR Leadership Architecture™ is our innovative approach, designed to empower and enable our clients to effectively plan, develop, and achieve their goals in a strategic and collective way, with culture in the center of it all.

Its comprehensive design provides an actionable roadmap for success, tailored to each client’s unique needs and ambitions. This unprecedented solution will undoubtedly usher in a new era of leadership development, elevating both our DOOR Network and our clients to new heights.


The conference will take place from October 13th to 14th. It’s an opportunity for us all to connect, learn, and grow together. We sincerely hope you’ll be able to join us for what promises to be an invigorating and memorable experience. Plus, this year, we have revamped our program with an amazing lineup of speakers and activities!

Even if you’re not attending, we made sure you can join in on the fun! Follow us on LinkedIn to catch live updates and behind the scenes of the event.


Ricardo Lillo


Elisa Di Giorgio


Sebastian Lillo

Manager Global Expansion

Siwei Zheng

Marketing Specialist

Effie C. Bersoux

Founder & CEO at GrowthGirls

Theodore Moulos

Founder & CEO at GrowthRocks

Vikas Agarwal

L&D Consultant

Antonios Daskos

CEO at DOOR Training & Consulting (GR & CY)