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The Center for Leadership Studies (CLS) Partners with DOOR International to Enhance Leadership Skill Building!

16th Jan 2023

“DOOR International, the global leader in human performance improvement has partnered with The Center for Leadership Studies (CLS) to bring their portfolio of leadership-focused programs to organizations worldwide. CLS is the sole source of the Situational Leadership® Model, a solid and repeatable framework that helps managers develop their skills to create engagement, build teams and improve productivity in the hybrid workplace.

A strong foundation of the Situational Leadership® methodology means each offering within the CLS suite prepares leaders with a world-renowned method to manage performance-based challenges or opportunities and actively adapt to change. With content availability in over 25 languages and with DOOR International being active in over 50 countries, the partnership leverages both organizations’ abilities to build leadership capability across industries, borders, and disciplines.

Elisa Di Giorgio, President of DOOR International, said, “Being able to represent the Situational Leadership® approach is an exciting way to start 2023. Our unique partnership with the prestigious Center for Leadership Studies will help us continue to support organizations that are looking to have a robust method that helps leaders use their knowledge in real-world, consistently applicable scenarios.”

The global DOOR International team has consistently highlighted the need for decision-makers to recalibrate in what has become the most volatile time for their industries. “By providing face-to-face and/or virtual-instructor-led workshops we know that the context and task related method of the Situational Leadership® framework will bring an orientation tool to our customers that is both pragmatic and sophisticated.” – added Elisa Di Giorgio.

“The Situational Leadership® Model comes from decades of pioneering, landmark studies,” said Chris Shriver, Vice President of Sales at The Center for Leadership Studies. “Everything in leadership depends upon who you’re dealing with and what the task is. For example, empowerment is great, except when it’s perceived as abandonment. Providing direction is great, except when it’s perceived as micromanagement. That’s why Situational Leadership® content revolves around alignment on the particulars of the task, as well as the person’s motivation, commitment, ability, and confidence to perform.”

“In that regard, the Situational Leadership® Model is a language of performance and change management,” continued Shriver. “It’s practical and repeatable, and that’s why it’s been one of the most applied models for more than 50 years. The goal is for leaders to get people to the point where they’re able, willing, and confident to perform and, in so doing, enable their mastery and enhance their engagement.”

Learners will identify opportunities to improve through self-assessment, getting insights into their primary leadership behaviors and the range of styles they tend to instinctively draw upon. The Situational Leadership® product line offers a suite of sustainment tools (The Four Moments of TruthTM) designed to provide ongoing performance support and help managers perfect their leadership practice after course completion.”

DOOR and CLS will be able to deliver transformative learning experiences that propel organizations to the next level.

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