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Transform skillsets of individuals or teams with FOCUS100 and stay ahead of the curve.



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What is FOCUS100?

Our Focus100 live online courses are a part of a larger series that has been designed as short bytes of powerful learning nuggets for accelerating learning.

They help you stay ahead of the curve and move faster by transforming individual or team skillsets. Learners will become more knowledgeable and will master new skills in no time. They will adopt a growth mindset and embrace the latest tools and technologies to drive significant business impact and change.

Why FOCUS100?

Just like all DOOR Live Online Sessions the Focus100 sessions are designed to meet the continuous and changing training needs of your workforce worldwide. They help you reboot your workplace and enhance learners experience.

They empower both, individuals and companies to grow and stay competitive in a rapidly changing world in liveinteractive and online format.

The world has gone remote and we have got you covered with the best live online facilitators worldwide!

FOCUS100 Courses

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