Telesales Reloaded™

When doing telesales, use Reloaded™ to identify new sales opportunities and attract new customers.
This practical DOOR program equips salespeople with mindsets, sales techniques, and skills to be effective in Telesales from the initial contact to the closing of a deal.

Telesales is the most effective way to reach any prospects!

Do you want to find out how to attract new customers and identify new sales opportunities by engaging with customers when selling on the telephone?

If you need to generate more leads, set up more appointments or make more sales over the phone, then this is your must attend workshop. You will cover all of the essential telephone selling skills that you need to feel comfortable in making and dealing with any call.

Selling over the telephone is an art whether you are selling the appointment or a product, so it is vital that you learn the techniques and strategies that are best suited for generating value to your audience during each call.

Remote or virtual offices as well as automated sales tools have created new efficiencies for field and inside sales teams. These solutions make it possible to reach more customers without in-person meetings or travel. However, success cannot come from volume alone. More customer conversations will not move the needle unless you provide your team with sales training for telesales that equips them with skills and strategies to drive value in each interaction.

This hands-on DOOR workshop trains sales professionals who sell over the phone to connect solutions to needs and drive tailored value.

Win new business, retain your customers and sell more over the phone with our Telesales Reloaded™ live online workshop!

Your key take-aways from Telesales Reloaded™

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