Webinar: Ignite And Get Out Of The Crisis

Hosted by:
DOOR International
Ricardo Lillo, CEO DOOR International
Live Online
12:00 AM – 01:00 PM CEST

Lead Out Of The Crisis Together With Your Team

Constant rapid changes disrupting the landscape of what we have known before. Different fears and anxieties within our teams as well as limiting beliefs might be in the way of adapting to the “new normal”. These are only a few out of many challenges you might be currently facing. If you are looking for new paths forward to disrupt the disruption, we invite you to engage with us to help you bridge the gap from uncertainty to restart.

We will not only help you succeed during these challenging times, we will also set your organization for success, by applying the N.E.W.S. Compass™ Methodology followed in our world class training program Regroup & Restart™. This fantastic solution has been designed to overcome the current challenges and reboot your organization.

The Regroup & Restart™ solution goes far beyond making your company operational again. It focuses on how to WIN MARKET in this new reality we are facing and with a completely different set of variables! Design together with your TEAM, the next steps that will put you ahead of competition!