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Microlearning is a coherent learning experience through the use of real-life practices.

Microlearning – new way to train your employees.

DOOR Microlearning

Is the platform that can be used either as a continuation of a training program in class, digital follow-up or as a stand-alone tool for competencies training.

Active involvement of experienced DOOR trainers for the entire journey and real-world practices ensures an efficient learning experience and coherent process.

Microlearning Courses

Code of Talent®
Are you looking for a solution that can enable people to develop work-based skills faster than ever before? If yes, then a Microlearning intervention is the right answer. This solution addresses immediate need and focus on a specific learning outcome
01 Community driven knowledge
02 Self-paced and self-directed learning
03 Ongoing assisted involvement
04 Sense of progress and achievement

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Menopause in the Workplace.

A training program created by experts in menopause at work, learning & development, and communications.