How are you preparing your teams to perform in a highly competitive environment during these uncertain times? DOOR International offers simple, fast and effective digital solutions to help your team grow continuously and achieve the best results.

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Culture Management

If it feels like your organisation is stuck – everybody is doing their job, but you’re just not moving forward – chances are you need a shift in culture. Maybe you’ve tried different incentive schemes to increase your employees’ motivation and engagement, but nothing you try seems to stick in the long run.


Culture shaping can feel like a huge, almost impossible endeavour. But with the right preparation and culture management process, it doesn’t have to be painful at all.

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Understanding Your Needs

There is no standard solution. For us each client is unique. Our experts work with each client individually to develop programs especially for you which will respond to your needs, goals and help you achieve the best results for your company. We design learning journeys around your business needs and company culture.

However, if you should need standardized off-the-shelf training solutions, all our learning suites have been developed with industry experts and support each organizational need.


  • Pre interviews
  • Surveys and assessments  pre-work and introduction
  • Messaging tools, reading, videos, etc.

F2F Workshop

  • Interactive activities 1 to 3 days


  • Gamification  group
  • Individual coaching



  • Integration  sessions
  • Coaching
The Partners in Leadership accountability methodology we learned from DOOR helped us enable the idea that everyone can impact positively our results. DOOR’s ability to customize the approach to each solution and business units across the world is unique and effective. Their practical, yet powerful tools, accelerate change and strengthen our teams. I highly recommend DOOR as a resource and partner that can help you guide a culture of accountability and results to new levels. It has been an extraordinary rewarding experience for me.
Head of Global Sales Force Effectiveness (Merck KGaA)
Steven D. Masterpolo
Head of Global Sales Force Effectiveness (Merck KGaA)
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