Code of Talent

Code of Talent is an online platform that helps you turn knowing into doing through gamification and social learning. Learning in 3-7 minute chunks matches the brain's working memory and attention span. Micro-learning generates 50% more engagement than traditional learning methods. Choose your environment, choose your type of journey. Real time.

Learning made easy with Code of Talent


Community driven knowledge sharing and learning


Individualized learning experience: self-paced and self-directed learning


A dedicated trainer for ongoing assisted involvement, feedback and evaluation


A gamified learning journey providing a sense of progress and achievement


For the company 

  • Real-time tracking of participants’ engagement level in the learning process
  • Observer role
  • Overall reporting per participant, team and training program
  • Training history per participant
  • Multilanguage capability – we are able to accommodate multiple languages
  • The platform can also be self-managed by the company. In this case, the client enjoys full admin rights to create trainings, assign internal trainers and manage active sessions

For participants

  • Accessible from any device
  • Variety of learning missions, accommodating all learning styles (from simple questions, quizzes, video proofs to ideas)
  • Community and social features, including open debate space and private messaging
  • Gamification mechanics utilizing energy score, points and badges that can be awarded by the trainer as well as on a peer-to-peer basis
  • Real time engagement and metrics
  • Instant notifications both within the user’ interface and via email
  • Personalized feedback & evaluation from the trainer