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Crystal Jewelry Manufacturer

Sector: Retail

Crystal Jewelry Manufacturer

Sector: Retail

Overview and Implementation

To improve product knowledge for the new season collection, an instructor-led, in-person training program was developed to boost store sales. The training was conducted across over 46 locations, involving more than 80 sessions in 15+ states in the USA. 


Renowned manufacturer of luxury crystal jewelry

A total of 5-16 participants attended each session, focusing on extensive product knowledge to equip store employees with sales expertise.

A structured and efficient rollout of the training program was guaranteed through project management, facilitator sourcing, upskilling, and clever scheduling.

Coordination and Execution

Coordination played an important role in the program’s success. Training reports from facilitators and store feedback were analyzed in real time as part of the global client coordination and process and/or content changes if needed were implemented immediately.
In local coordination, training requests were managed, consolidated into a tracker, and details such as contact information and training times were confirmed.

We carefully planned the training schedule by aligning facilitator availability and location, proposing training routes, and managing any changes. Communication with stores included sending introductory emails, training flyers, and feedback forms, along with handling requests for changes and rescheduling.

Project’s Trivia

  • Training delivered: Product knowledge – Season Collection
  • Type of training: Instructor led in-person
  • Number of participants: 5-16 participants per session
  • Total Number of Locations: >46
  • Total Number of Sessions: >80
  • Number of States in the USA: >15
  • Language: English
  • Key DOOR intervention: Project Management (Facilitator sourcing, Facilitator upskilling, Facilitators scheduling)

Results and Impact

Stores that received our training saw a 25% increase in sales, compared to a 3% decrease in stores without training (SS23+FW23). It was evident from this stark contrast that the training program was effective at enhancing product knowledge and sales skills.

Continuous feedback from both facilitators and stores was collected and integrated to improve future sessions. Financial management ensured budget control and timely reconciliation of expenses, while immediate problem-solving strategies addressed any disruptions, maintaining the program’s momentum and securing its overall success.

Sales Boost After Training


Stores with DOOR International training saw a 25% increase in sales (SS23+FW23).

Trained Stores Outperform Others by


Sales in stores without DOOR International training dropped by -3% (SS23+FW23).

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