Great leaders have a deep knowledge of their own strengths and develop the #strengths of their followers.

This DOOR training program is designed to shape one’s Leadership mindset. It is a development approach for leadership potential using the roots of positive psychology. A scientifically rooted approach to help leaders increase well-being, enhance and apply strengths, improve and excel performance and achieve valued goals. This course offered by DOOR helps professionals to learn and imbibe mindsets, skills and an acute awareness that eventually develops them as a true leader.



2 Days


  • Why Strengths focus?
  • Strengths psychology basics
  • Converting Talents to Strengths
  • The 5 phased investment process
  • The Leadership domains
  • The Team member needs
  • Strengths toolkit for a sustainable culture

Training objectives

At the end of this training, you will be able to:

  1. Be more acutely aware of your strengths, blind spots and areas of opportunity
  2. Effectively play the role of a talent scouter
  3. Understand the needs of team members and match your own style to ensure maximum win-win transactions
  4. Develop resilience toward organization and individual goals
  5. Overcome behaviors, patterns and blocked emotions that may be acting as hindrance to personal conviction and flow
  6. Create a blueprint for your vision and leverage that for team and organizational success

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