Surfing the Waves of Change

Great leaders are prepared for the winds of #change.

Personal realization of how one acknowledges, embraces and adapts to change is the first step for a leader who truly wants to master the art of helping others manage the waves of change. This DOOR program facilitates leaders to create their own change management toolkit, reflect on their capabilities for change and make themselves change-ready.



2 Days


  • Introduction to concept of change and change management in an organization
  • True vs pseudo-change and one’s own change intensity efforts
  • Attitude to change and related coping strategies
  • Creating change roadmaps to help others embrace change
  • Identifying at what probable stage of change do other’s stand and help them gain momentum
  • Application of a structured change mechanism to one’s own professional context

Training objectives

At the end of this training, you will be able to:

  1. Appreciate the deeper gains of change and be more resilient and geared to acknowledge the need for it
  2. Etch a roadmap for change for self and others
  3. Know what it takes to be a change catalyst and related roles and responsibilities
  4. Equip oneself with the necessary knowledge, capabilities, and mindsets needed to decide the right course of action

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