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Real Talk ®

Creating REAL Conversations for #Results

Do you engage in real talks in your live? Or, are you challenged in dealing with difficult people? Are your key relationships poor or strained? Do you get the results you want, personally and professionally? Do you hold conversations to solve problems, only to have the same problems occur over and over again?

If you experience any of these issues, you are probably engaging in “fake talk.” You hold a variety of conversations to address tough topics, but you just don’t seem to get the results you desire. If you want to resolve these issues, create respect, build your relationships, and get better results—you need to learn to hold REAL conversations!

What is a REAL Conversation?

REAL conversations get results, increase respect, and build relationships — unlike “fake talk,” which generates lots of chatter, but never any real change. REAL conversation uses the skills of effective dialogue to increase engagement, contribution, and candor to talk about what matters most.

REAL Conversations for Results Training®

All things can be practiced and during the training sessions participants will be able to work with a variety of real-world scenarios as well as work on their own challenges within the context of the workshop. There are 8 distinct Skills and Principles that are covered with the usage of interactive exercises, didactic material and videos to increase the retention of the learning.

Who Needs This Training?

A better question is, “Who doesn’t?”. Do you or people you work withstruggle to talk about broken commitments, poor performance, lack of accountability, useless meetings, safety violations, a failure to tell the truth, strained relationships, a lack of respect, tardiness, bad attitude, and ongoing conflicts?  Maybe you or your associates avoid conflict like the plague. If such situations are the norm rather than the exception, then you and your team need Creating REAL Conversations for Results®.

Of managers don't hold their people accountable

Of workers are disengaged

Of managers are scared to talk to their employees

Of employees & executives cite ineffective communication for workplace failures


1- Day, 2- Day Workshops or 4 – 8 vILT Sessions


  • Recognize and manage the dynamics of any difficult conversation.
  • Learn the skills and a simple process for talking about any tough issue.
  • Increase personal engagement by recognizing and matching the interaction styles of others.
  • Recognizing when your thinking creates the emotion and defensiveness that sabotage respect and engagement.
  • Ask questions that increase contribution and collaboration to increase motivation

Training objectives

At the end of this training, you will be able to:

  1. Listen and attend to the spoken and unspoken messages that people are sending.
  2. Defuse defensive and emotional reaction, and discover the message behind the emotion.
  3. Solve problems by encouraging and exploring differing perspectives.
  4. Express your ideas and views without creating defensiveness.
  5. Deliver messages that are pervasive and powerful.

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