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Taking Charge

Every employee has the potential to lead if they can influence a colleague, subordinate, or boss.

A key objective of this course is to help learners see themselves as participants in the leadership process. They take on the same performance language and model used by leaders in order to achieve results. As a result, they take responsibility for their performance and development, as well as building accountability in the workplace. During the course, they develop a better understanding of leadership and taking charge and how they impact both the success of the organization and its engagement.


4.30 Hours


  • Leaders’ performance language and models
  • Taking ownership (taking charge) of own performance
  • Communication tactics that support improved performance outcomes
  • Understanding the role and importance of leadership and leadership process

Training objectives

At the end of this training, you will be able to:

  1. Explain the concept of leadership and its importance to successful and effective performance
  2. Identify measures of success and engagement
  3. Explain how the Situational Leadership® Model works and can be used to communicate the performance needs for an individual
  4. Communicate Performance Readiness® for a specific task to solicit a leader’s response.

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