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The 4Cs of Building Accountability in Your Career

accountability in work teams
The 4Cs of Building Accountability in Your Career

To be more accountable, we need to have practical habits to act on. Sometimes, we don’t hold ourselves accountable because we don’t know how to. ​

As you advance in your career, it’s important to understand what makes you tick so that you perform at your best.​

Now that you know what drives you in your career paths, let’s design an approach to use your top drivers in your career development.

So, let’s create a plan!

The purpose of a plan is to give you a concrete structure to hold yourself accountable to. Without planning, it’s less likely that you’ll be successful in achieving your goal…which is, again, a matter of personal accountability.​

So, to bring your career plan to reality, build accountability by following the 4Cs as an approach:​

1. Capabilities

Assess your current capabilities and identify future capability requirements. If you’re interested in getting into management or progressing further than you already are, then you need to make that known. ​

2. Coaching

Identify and use resources for capability development—trainers, coaches, mentors, advisors, training programs, books, on-the-job rotations, etc.​

3. Connections

Identify, network, and take help from people who would help you fulfill your plan. Think about how you can make influential connections both inside and outside the business.​

4. Challenges

Identify challenges to materialize your career plan and prepare a contingency plan.​

By following these steps, you can harness the power of accountability to drive your career forward and achieve your professional goals.

July 9, 2024
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