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Delight The Customer

When you #delight your customer, you are on the way to creating an exceptional business.

Delight The Customer

The last decade of human research has concluded that the business world today is an emotional economy. Delighting the Customer is a way to capitalize and heighten the positive emotions that make your customers want to come back to you, talk about you to others, and create more goodwill for you. This DOOR program is beyond just a workshop, it is about making a difference, it is about support and teamwork and, most importantly, it is about being of service to others.


2 Days


  • Creating a service culture
  • Understanding stakeholders and their expectations
  • My role as a service professional
  • Principles and levels of service
  • Managing complaints
  • Skills to deliver service in my role

Training objectives

At the end of this training, you will be able to:

  1. Explore the principles of service to strengthen my service mindset
  2. Understand customer loyalty and what drives it
  3. List the various elements and skills needed to deliver service in my role
  4. Measure the service experience and its impact on the customer
  5. Manage complaints effectively
  6. Embody the ‘spirit’ of service to deliver a ‘wow’ experience

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