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DOOR vILT Telesales Reloaded™

When doing telesales, use Reloaded™ to identify new sales opportunities and attract new customers.

#Telesales is the most effective way to reach any prospect.

DOOR vILT Telesales Reloaded™


1 Day vILT + 2 hours Action Learning


  • How to become effective in telesales
  • What and how to prepare for a day of telesales
  • Generate effective and flexible call scripts that generate curiosity
  • What do customers expect from salespeople?
  • How to generate value during every call
  • How to deal with real and fictitious objections in a manner that enhances your credibility
  • Adapt to different personalities without losing authenticity
  • Gatekeepers

Training objectives

At the end of this training, you will be able to:

  1. Structure your call through an effective script
  2. Manage your time focusing on what really matters
  3. Develop a compelling reason for the client to act
  4. Apply active listening, take, and keep the initiative
  5. Push versus pull mechanism
  6. How to display client focus
  7. Handle objections effectively
  8. Improve your closing rate

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